Gifted Chillies

For Christmas we were given a “Grow your own chillies” gift set that contains five types of chillies:

  1. Anaheim: green, 15cm long, mild to medium-hot
  2. Hungarian Hot Wax: pale yellow, medium-hot
  3. Jalapeño
  4. Tabasco
  5. Demon Red: short and very hot

I’ve grown chillies before and they’re relatively easy to germinate and start off on a window sill but the difference this time is that the other half is having a go with this lot and I’m only offering up tips along the way.

Sown Chilllies

The mushroom carton holding the pots wasn’t part of the gift pack.

I’m looking forward to trying some of these if they grow and crop, though I’m not sure what we’ll do if we end up with too many of the very hot ones! I won’t appreciate it if the labels get swapped around too, accidentally or otherwise.


    1. Hello Jason, given Spring is so late this year I might be hard pushed to get a decent crop by the end of the season here if the summer turns out to be like last year (dull, wet and miserable).


  1. What a great gift! You are very generous sharing that present (I wouldn’t have ;-)) I haven’t grown chillis for a few years, but just yesterday I was thinking that this would be a good year for them if all the mutterings about a good summer are correct (IF!) Enjoy them! Can you dry/freeze any glut?


    1. It’s worth a shot and there’s still time, especially considering that it hasn’t really warmed up yet. There shouldn’t be a problem in roughly blending the glut of chillies at the end of the season and freezing them in an ice cube tray or as a thin sheet from which you can easily break off the bit you need. They’ll also keep in the fridge for a long time too.


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