Spring in the Garden

In the last week or so, I can definitely feel spring in the air. Although we now have flowers throughout the whole year, the garden looks best in spring – that’s when most of them are out. The ornamental red currants and cherry, the daffodils, spirea, skimmia, wisteria, bergenia, clematis and so on. Some plants, like the skimmia and red currant are just beginning to open and the bees are returning to the garden in droves.

There are still a few weeks before the flowers really appear en masse but even now, I get a sense of excitement that the garden has finally woken up and that growth is accelerating to the point where even daily changes seem to be noticeable.

Each year the garden looks better and better as it emerges from the winter and with all the work that was done and all the plants that were put in, I can’t wait to experience it all this season.

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