There’s a howling storm passing through the UK at the moment, Storm Ciara (as they’re named these days) it making itself known. It is causing havoc up and down the […]

Starting Without Me

It’s been mild and wet recently. That’s a statement that would validly apply to the weather here at any time of year, not just at the end of January as […]

Bordering on the Edge

Once of the most monotonous, tedious, slow and pain-staking jobs in the garden is to do the border edging. It’s also the most rewarding. I hate doing it but I […]

January Running Commentary

In between my parents staying, rain squalls, storms, family get-togethers, baking and work, I’ve only managed to do little bits and pieces to advance the winter clean-up in the garden; […]

A Subtle Return

First of all, I’m sorry if you’ve worried while I’ve been away from here for the last several months. I got into a cycle where the longer I stayed away […]

The Semi-Circular Border

There is a border in the garden that was born five years ago out of prunings laid on the ground. This half-circle of sticks crossed and covered a large part […]

Fruit Avenue - Version 2

Of all the areas in the garden, Fruit avenue is the one I’m least pleased with. It’s always weed-choked, has miles of edging to maintain, has out-of-control-and-never-fruiting fruit trees, currant […]

The Urn and the Rectangle

You know that feeling when you just have to have an urn and simply nothing else will do? Well, I had that at the back-end of last year and so […]

More Mid-Year Maintenance

OK, so I’ll admit that keeping up with the blog hasn’t been particularly high on my priority list, but I honestly didn’t mean to have such a long gap between […]

Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens

Recently we took a trip with our local gardening club to Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens. Set in the rolling weald of West Sussex, mid-way between London and the south coast, […]