Season for Sunsets

Around this time, for about a month or so, we get really good sunrises and sunsets and they’re timed such that we see them on the way to and from work.

Very dramatic and spectacular, of course the picture doesn’t do it justice. It’ll be like this for one more week until the clocks go back at the weekend and then it will be dark when I leave the office.


    1. Hi Jason, I think that photo was just about it for the year as the skies have been overcast all week and now the clocks have gone back so it’s too late. At least I sit by the window at work but it doesn’t face the right direction.


  1. Ah, that’s wonderful, Sunil. It still seems odd to me that sunsets have seasons, but they definitely do. Ours are best in winter, and fortunately we’re far enough south that the sun sets just after work lets out!


    1. Hi Stacy, yes it is odd, though I’m sure it’s all to do with geometry and tilts and angles. The result is two short periods per year when I wish I could professionally shoot sky.


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