Snowdrops and Crocus

Snowdrops and crocus are the classic late winter flowers. Last autumn, I planted many snowdrops but it will be several years before they begin to for clumps around the garden giving that classic “white carpet” look. At the moment most of them are all a bit individual and scattered.

There are only a tiny handful of crocus (like five or ten) around the garden and I haven’t added any. It’s a shame as they look spectacular in the sun.

When they look this beautiful I’m just going to have to find room to put them somewhere. The problem is that because crocus bulbs are bigger, they’re more difficult to plant in the borders without disturbing the roots of other plants.

There are  few purple ones too and I don’t know what it is but they have an almost “unreal” look about them. Perhaps it’s because they’re such a vivid colour when all the while it’s been the dull grey-green of the garden in winter (as well as the occasional white as when covered in snow).

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