Potting and Pottering

Today was a good day.

It began with a trip to the Garden Centre to pick up some compost. I used it while working with the garden pots for most of the afternoon.

  1. Eight hebes potted on to larger pots that can now stay outside. When these grow to fill the pots, they’ll either be planted or given away.
  2. Ten hebe cuttings were potted into small pots from the cuttings tray as they had all rooted
  3. Three lemongrass stalks that had spent the winter inside, crowded into tiny pots were taken outside and potted into deep pots – lemongrass roots like to go deep.
  4. An ailing bay was taken from one pot and put into a smaller one to go in the greenhouse to recover – but it’s probably too late.
  5. A large pot was prepared and planted with Stargazer lilies
  6. Another two smaller pots were also planted with more Stargazer lilies
  7. The seed trays with the Arum Italicum were dusted off and the moss and weeds cleared.
  8. The whole lot was watered
  9. The dried sunflowers on the patio were finally cleared up and put in the compost bin
  10. A load more Stargazer and Regal lilies were planted into a border prepared last year
  11. Clearing leaves, tidying up and just generally more potting around

It’s late February but the days are getting longer, I see the sun more often and there is lots to do to prepare the garden for the coming spring.

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