Time to Blossom

Some of you may know that in our recently previous garden, there was a large ornamental double flowering cherry in one corner that was so floriferous you couldn’t see through it when in full flower. The blossom would open out in a wave starting from the trunk and run through to the tips of the branches. If that wasn’t enough, the flowers would open almost white and become pink with age. Finally, as the spectacular show faded, the blossom would come raining down and carpet the garden in pink petals and flowers providing some of the most magical moments I have ever experienced.

I was deeply saddened I had to leave this behind when we moved. I thought there wouldn’t by anything remotely similar in the new garden, which is essentially a bare canvas devoid of any real beauty.

I was wrong.


In the last few weeks, we discovered one of the trees towards the back of the garden was an ornamental cherry. When the flowers opened, they were pink and they were double. Though it wasn’t as floriferous it still put on a stunning spring show and unlike the previous tree, I could sit comfortably under it.

Sat on the pair of chairs in the sunshine watching the blossom rain down and swirl about me in the wind while listening to the bamboo rustle and the birds sing in the trees made me realise that although the new garden may be rather sparse, it is definitely not devoid of beauty. Sat there with petals landing in my lap it felt as though I was given a secret glimpse into how incredible the garden could be and a teaser for its full potential.

You’ll spot that the new header image for this site is taken from the image above. Instead of the two dining chairs looking into the garden and out to the line of trees, we have these two patio chairs in the sunshine under the cherry and covered in blossom, the line of trees again in the background. As always, the chairs face slightly towards each other.

There’s a certain irony in going through such a disruptive relocation where everything changes and there’s the dread of having to leave so much behind, only to find that one of the most treasured things you thought forever lost is actually still there, waiting just for you.

Won’t you take a moment to sit, enjoy and watch pink petals fill the air? You won’t have another chance until about this time next year.


  1. Sunil, I’ve caught up in the last week or so on your recent posts and your new place. I am so happy for you, that you have a magical tree to enjoy in this new home! What a lovely touchstone to connect your two gardens. I hope more pleasant surprises unfold with the Spring.


    1. Hello Stacy, so lovely to hear from you. The blossom has now gone but the large rhododendron hedge running along the left hand side of the garden is beginning to flower, that promises to be another stunning show I can’t wait for!


  2. What a graceful way for Nature to welcome you to your newly claimed spot on the Earth! Can’t wait to see how you reward her when you start to garden there!


    1. Hello Jayne, it was such a lovely surprise. Despite still being in the stages of reclaiming the garden, there are lots of shrubs coming into flower and it feels much less empty than a month or so ago, it’s like they’ve all come out of hiding in plain sight.


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