Autumn Light

It’s that time of the year when the season is coming to an end and the days are shortening, the sun doesn’t climb as high and the light takes on a quality that just can’t be described with words.

The play of light and shadow, contrasts and highlights, leaf-filters and autumn colour as the low sun back-lights the garden is mesmerising. We’ve been lucky to have some very sunny days this autumn and I took the chance to grab some pictures before all the leaves came down.

The glaring overhead sunlight of summer changes to a much more gentle, soft and distinctly yellow light that comes in low and filters through leaves, illuminating the garden from the side. I hope the pictures give some hint of just how ethereal the garden looks in this incredible autumn light.


  1. You capture the soft light of the season very well. I never noticed how the ferns seem lush and rested, not stressed as they often do during the height of August.


    1. Thanks, Jason, the autumn colour was particularly good this year. We think it’s a combination of maturing trees and shrubs and simply having more of them as we plant up the borders. The ferns will quickly look tired after a few rounds of frost.


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