Autumn in the Garden

The clocks have changed for winter and while we get a little bit of light back in the mornings (that only lasts for a few weeks), the dark evenings are now long and drawn. Most of the clocks in the house are automatic and don’t need adjusting, we can figure out how to handle the analogue wall clocks, the oven clock is forever midnight (it always shows 00:00) and the car clock eludes me. I’ve rotated the sundial back an hour too. Autumn has definitely arrived in the garden and it’s been rather rapid. In just a few short weeks the lush verdant green has thinned to reds, yellows, oranges and browns as the leaves turn and fall.

The colours have been particularly noteworthy this year and I’m not sure if it’s because the border plants are much larger and more plentiful than in previous years. Whatever the reason, it’s been a joy to look at. I went out to take a few pictures though had to stop due to increasingly frequent rain showers. Out of the pictures I took, I couldn’t bring myself to pick just a few to put in this blog post so I’ll put them all in a gallery below.

We still have flowers in the garden. Many annuals are still going, we have Hesperantha out as well as Fatsia Japonica, Canna (just), sedums and cyclamen and – recently planted in the Willow Border – a Mahonia and geranium. Other plants are getting ready flower such as the Sarcococca (Christmas Box) and the Chimonanthus Praecox (Wintersweet).

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