Thoughts on Thursday

The garden is a bit of a mess right now, but I’m not too bothered. Leaving the borders to get on with themselves while I’ve worked to restore the back hasn’t been a complete disaster.

OK, so the paths are little bit overgrown and plants are starting to kiss in the middle,

But look closely at the jumble and it’s full of glittering jewels,

Plants have flopped and tumbled from not being supported as much as they would like but still carry on regardless,

and some of the plants have turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet,

While others have decided to go rogue while my back’s been turned,

There’s still hidden goodies up for grabs,

while the two “sentinels” watch over the entrance,

But for the lack of attention, the view hasn’t turned out bad,


  1. Black raspberries – yum! I like the idea of plants leaning over to kiss in the middle of the path.


    1. Just kissing, Jason, no botanical hanky-panky in the garden, please.


    1. Thanks, Mrs Mac. It’s let me do a huge amount of work at the back in the mean time.


  2. I love how wild it all is! Mine is quite similar. I just let my garden go a bit mad this summer and it’s none the worse for the wear. I like the kissing idea, too. Actually, I hope they make passionate love when no one is looking. If you’re going to look wild, you might as well be a bit wild, too!


    1. It always starts off neat and prim at the beginning of the season but it comes off the rails around mid summer. No naughty shenanigans in the garden, we’re British, don’t you know!


  3. It has turned out beautifully. If your plants are kissing, all is well. It’s when the fighting starts you have to pile in. Until then, let them enjoy themselves.


    1. Thanks Sarah, the only fighting happening at the moment is me trying to fight my way through and between the overgrown borders!


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