And February Comes

A few posts back I’d taken a picture of a daffodil that was just about to open and I wrote about the anticipation of seeing that first large, vivid flower of the new year and the joy it will bring… So it is somewhat amusing to now have to announce that said daffodil along with the anticipation and joy are now buried under four inches of snow. I call it the, “reality check”:

I can almost hear the Universe chuckling. Everything was doing rather well and I had wondered whether the Winter was almost over and whether the spring bulbs were going to be able to start early and grow without being harassed. That answer to that is plainly, “no”. The only thing I am a little concerned about are the bare-root roses that I planted. I noticed they had just started producing shoots from the stems and so this isn’t what they need while trying to get established.

Never mind, the snow will melt and go away and I can count the losses but I’ll have forgotten all about it by spring. I do need to check the greenhouse and see how the cuttings have fared in there.

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