Merry Christmas

Christmas Day is now just around the corner and thoughts of gardening are right at the back of my mind while thoughts of food, drink and presents are right at the front. There is a fair amount to do outside but it can all wait; this time is for pampering youself.

So while the wine glass is refilled and the cakes slowly rise in the oven, I just want to wish everyone a very happy season’s greetings and hope you all have a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday.


  1. Hi Sunil – its Mrs Mac – garden waterlogged, soakaway hardly coping, here with my sister and OH watching selected TV and having the occasional meal…… No turkey for “the day” and no brussel sprouts either!! Venison stew under a pastry crust for us! have a good one, Sunil with you and yours, and let’s hope for a good spring, and not too much more rain!


    1. Hi Mrs Mac! Oh, tell me about it, the rain has just gone on, and on! The venison stew sounds very rich an comforting, I hope it turned out as such and hope you had a wonderful holiday season.


    1. Thanks, happy holidays to you too, Jean!


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