September Light

Around this time of year, as the season changes and the days get shorter, dawn and dusk last longer and the twilight is a strange pink-red that looks bright but is dark at the same time. The sunlight takes on a strange and unreal quality at either ends of the day. It has colour, it percolates through leaves and casts shadows that dance about the garden. It’s unpredictable and it doesn’t last long.

Here the setting sun is shining through the cherry, illuminating the leaves from behind, casting the branches and feeder in silhouette, conveniently reminding me that I need to get some more fat balls for the birds as we’ve run out and they’ll want stock for the winter. We probably need more nuts too.


  1. Sunil, I’m just catching up with your blog posts. I love this description of the special long twilights of northern latitudes at this time of year. These days, I leave home in the morning at first light and get to watch the sunrise as I walk east toward work. There’s a magical moment when pink clouds hang in a sky that is an amazing aquamarine color. As you say, unpredictable and fleeting — but also wonderful.


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