Lazy Days

I must confess to having had a particularly lazy week or two in terms of gardening. There’s been plenty of other things to do but in the time left I decided to lounge on the bed and sprawl in the sun as opposed to go out and actually do any gardening. It was a bit of a novelty and consequently there isn’t all that much to write on here.

I am now keeping an eye on the night-time temperatures as they are sometimes dipping below 10°C. I have a walk-in plastic greenhouse that I will assemble on the patio and the pot plants and over-wintering seed trays will assemble inside it to shelter from the worst of the coming winter. I also plan to get some rolls of bubble-wrap to further improve the insulation. There is quite a list of things that will need to find room inside:

  • two Phoenix Canariensis plants – in moderately large pots
  • three pots of lilies
  • a Tesco lemon
  • a Strelitzia
  • Several pots of lemongrass
  • two small plastic greenhouses full of seed trays (11 trays in all)
  • a potted Zantedeschia
  • the Abutilon
  • the climbing hydrangea
  • Clematis Montana cutting
  • two painted ferns
  • Several other trays full of young plants and seedlings
  • two pots of mint (if there’s still room)

It’s going to be a bit like those puzzles where it will all fit in, but only in a certain way. In other news, I couldn’t resist the bag of daffodil bulbs for £3 so I have those to plant. There are also a few seed trays of young plants that are desperate to be potted on and the lawn edging could do with being neatened again.

However, all that can wait as right now, all I want to do is continue to lie on the bed in a warm pool of September sunshine and dream of roses.

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  1. There is a kind of lassitude that can come over us as we transition into fall. Stuff that would require immediate action earlier in the year now just gets a shrug.


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