Early Amaryllis

There’s been a bit of an upset with the Amaryllis; it’s in mid-flower, right now. It’s four months early, it’s supposed to appear in the middle of winter. When everything else is dull and grey, the Amaryllis is meant to be a huge tall happy flower. Instead, it’s flowering now. It also happens to be on a stubby ten-inch stem instead of atop a two foot majestic spire. Drat.

I don’t know what caused it to start flowering now, maybe the weather has been so bad and the summer so devoid of light and warmth that it thought it was autumn/winter. I really wish it wasn’t early as I look forward to the Amaryllis flowering in winter because that’s when I really need to see something bright and blousy to keep the blues away.

Seeing as I can’t re-fold the flower and shove it back into the bulb for later, there’s always Christmas Hyacinth as a backup plan. I wouldn’t like to break the cycle of continuous flowers just because one bulb decided to start too early. It’ll be another supermarket buy – just like this one.

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  1. That exactly happend to my flower Last year But Now This year my Amaryllis is about to flowering, This time The steam is nearly 20 inch, im so exciting to see how big will grow.


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