Murder Most Horrid

A grisly crime scene awaited us when we woke up this morning. Feathers scattered all over the lawn:

Other casualties were a tray of cuttings, several young lupins and a couple of osteospermum. There’s no sign of the body. As it’s been raining since October 2011 and is forecast to rain indefinitely, I don’t know when I’m going to be able to tidy this mess up. The shredded feathers of this now-dead bird are ruining the ambiance.

Although it is likely to be a cat that caused this mess, it could have easily been a fox as we do see them now and again.

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  1. It just may have been a sparrowhawk, they pluck the feathers of the bird they have captured out of its throat before they go in for the kill (“nature raw in tooth and claw!”).


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