100 Posts

Well, this is the 100th Post.

It’s kind of crept up on me. I haven’t really been keeping track of the numbers. This garden blog is still more about how the garden and the plants in it grow and develop, with lots of pictures and “notes to self” along the way.

As I’m taking far more pictures than I used to, there should be lots of “before and after amazing transformation” comparisons ahead. These are really important for me to remember how I started (and what I started with) and really helps give a sense of progress and the feeling  of satisfaction that goes with it.

I’m also taking one picture each month looking through the garden arch and will build up a series of 12 pictures showing a year in the garden. I’m really looking forward to having all the pictures at the end of the year. There will be no sneak peeks or early previews and there are still seven months remaining until the set is complete.

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