Patio Staging

Sometimes, it’s very hard to keep the patio clear. It’s a useful, sunny spot and things get piled or dumped on it while other things grow from the sides to cover parts of it (I’m looking at you, bamboo). Then I have a great big tidy up and it’s all cleared away, for a few days at least.

At the moment, the patio is playing the part of greenhouse staging (albeit in the open). I’ve put the seed trays that I started a few weeks ago out to air. There are also some recent acquisitions from a local nursery that we visited at the weekend:

  1. Three different pinks
  2. Abutilon Megapotamicum (variegated)
  3. Philadelphus “Belle Etoile” (Mock Orange)
  4. Laurus Nobilis – Bay

We spotted the Abutilon while huddled inside under one of the nursery’s poly tunnels, sheltering from a brief thunderstorm that was raging overhead. I’ll write more on it later. There are several other plants that I wanted to go for but we really are starting to run out of room to fit them all in, especially considering the seeds that have been sown and that are yet to be sown.

I need to update the garden Plant List with all the recent acquisitions (and deaths) too and the list of garden jobs is starting to pile up again, just like all the paraphernalia on the patio.


  1. Woa! I know what it’s like, but if your garden is small, and you are running out of space – you just might consider going upwards – i.e. using a railway sleeper, build upwards an area at the back of a border, replant that, and use pots on the sleeper for extra colour. Otherwise, I feel there is no hope for you, Sunnil [:D]


    1. Hi Mrs Mac, I think there is “always” space (as long as there is lawn, there is always space). I’m starting to plant in tiers, with tall perennials over shade-loving plants over ground cover. Bulbs take up very little room and plants that make appearances at different times of the year can be grown on top of each other. Using climbers on other climbers and climbers in trees and shrubs can also pack the plants in. I’m using every trick in the book to fit them all in.


    1. I think the bamboo runners are going to do that for us!


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