March 2012

Blue Bin Empty

All the time spent knee deep in * is showing progress. A while ago I managed to use up enough rotted manure to empty the green bin and less than […]

Spring in the Garden

In the last week or so, I can definitely feel spring in the air. Although we now have flowers throughout the whole year, the garden looks best in spring – […]

Making More Dicentra

A particularly lovely plant I have in the front garden is Dicentra Spectabilis, also known as “Bleeding Hearts” and “Dutchman’s Breeches”. Despite the bizarre common names, it is a very […]

Wisteria Buds

I am very excited at the moment because yesterday was the first day that I took a good close look at the wisteria – one of my favourite plants – […]

The Lawn Daffodils

This is the third year we’ve had daffodils in the lawn. The first year they were amazing, the second year was abysmal with virtually all of them coming up blind […]

The Second Garden Arch

I liked the first garden arch so much that I got a second one. Well – the plan was to have two all along – I think. Despite being exactly […]

One Bin Emptied

I keep going on about that big pile of cr*p – all 800kg worth. I don’t know how much there is left to go, but I am glad that I […]

Early Morning Gardening

At this time of year, it is light in the early morning, but still gets dark very quickly after work. If I am to get anything done in the garden, […]

I’ve been gardening for a while and I’m really into my plants. There are some that I like, some that I don’t, some that I want to fill my garden […]

A Seriously Big Pile of...

I’m not very good at estimating quantities and so things reached an all new level of absurdity with the order and arrival of this: That is almost 1 tonne of […]