March 2012

Amaryllis - Starting Over

The Amaryllis has finished flowering now and there are a couple of things I did this weekend in order to get it prepared for the coming year. Firstly, I snapped […]

I have three Clematis plants in the garden: Clematis Something Clematis Miss. Bateman Clematis Something Else Clematis Something is dead, I bought it small, planted it in a shady spot, […]

Ailing Bay

For a while we’ve had a young bay in a pot. It was doing fine until the back end of this winter when after some rather cold harsh winds and […]

Blue Blue Bamboo

You wouldn’t think of bamboo as being tender, the thought just doesn’t occur; it’s always lush and green, even when bent double under the weight of winter snow. You always […]

The Freebies

As a “thank-you” for buying 1000 snowdrops, the place that I ordered them from thought that after I had planted all those, I wouldn’t mind planting a few more bulbs […]