Insurance Policy

Call me thrifty but I love getting plants for free or very cheaply. It’s the Yorkshire part of me and that’s why I like growing plants from seed and taking […]

In the Oven

I like to think of my little plastic greenhouse as a cross between a factory and an oven. It can churn out plants at a great rate of knots and […]

Next Years' Digitalis

Digitalis (Foxgloves) are biennial, meaning they take one year to grow the leaves and then flower, set seed and die by the end of the second year. If you sow […]

Yellow Osteo Cuttings

Last year, during the early Autumn I picked up a yellow Osteospermum (Cape Daisy) at a reduced price. At best it had about two months left outside before the first […]

Aquilegia Caerulea

Last summer I planted some blue Columbine seeds, also known as Aquilegia Caerulea or “Granny’s Bonnet”. They were so easy to sow and germinate that there’s not much point in […]

Making More Dicentra

A particularly lovely plant I have in the front garden is Dicentra Spectabilis, also known as “Bleeding Hearts” and “Dutchman’s Breeches”. Despite the bizarre common names, it is a very […]

Potting and Pottering

Today was a good day. It began with a trip to the Garden Centre to pick up some compost. I used it while working with the garden pots for most […]

Amaryllis Flowers

I’ve been conned. It’s the second flower spike on the Amaryllis, it has opened to reveal only three flowers instead of the four that I was expecting (since I got […]

The Plastic Greenhouse

I have mentioned that I have a greenhouse of sorts every so often in these posts but haven’t said much about it. It isn’t a large, grand Victorian affair, it […]

Booze 'n' Seeds

Now here’s an interesting combination: booze and seeds. At the moment, if you pop into the supermarket and head over to the alcohol section, scope out the sherry and you’ll […]