Raising Ferns From Spores

Now here’s a post that has been 18 months in the making and that is, “the growing of ferns from spores”. Ferns are such ancient plants that flowers and seeds hadn’t […]

Germination Impossible

I’m a very cheap person and don’t like paying money for plants, especially since they’re so keen to multiply themselves without effort – or is that really true? I’m a […]

Blind Panic

Spring is advancing (although the weather doesn’t seem to have noticed) and there are many, many things to do. It’s one of the busiest times in the gardening year and […]

Sarcococca Berries

Last year, I planted a Christmas Box or Sweet Box – also known as Sarcococca Confusa – in the front garden to have something to sniff on the way out. […]

For the One Who Wanted Gaura

Most of the seeds I sowed during mid-summer are coming along nicely; one of seed packs was Gaura Lindheimeri. Someone commented that they wanted to see the Gaura growing and for […]

Favourite Fuchsia

I have a favourite fuchsia called “Cotton Candy”. It’s a lovely flower that has a cream-white frilly skirt and  candy-pink flushed outer petals. The stamens are a contrasting dark pink that is also carried […]

Germinating Astrantia

Astrantia (Masterwort) is a cottage garden plant that you don’t see around often. It has a particularly unusual and beautiful flower and I really fell for it the first time […]

A couple of weeks ago I sowed six cell trays with six different types of plant seeds. I put them in the greenhouse and waited for the magic to happen. […]

Patio Staging

Sometimes, it’s very hard to keep the patio clear. It’s a useful, sunny spot and things get piled or dumped on it while other things grow from the sides to cover […]