The Star of Persia

Onions; they don’t really have much glamour to them do they? They can make your eyes water but not in a good way. However, the humble culinary onion is part […]

Daffodils Now Over

The daffodils for this year are pretty much over. We don’t have huge numbers of them and they’re mixed so they come out at different time and the last ones […]

Simply Red

Now I’m a bit hopeless at taking good photos. I take pictures that usually end up blurred, have bad composition or have my thumb in the corner etc. I blame […]

Amaryllis - Starting Over

The Amaryllis has finished flowering now and there are a couple of things I did this weekend in order to get it prepared for the coming year. Firstly, I snapped […]

The Freebies

As a “thank-you” for buying 1000 snowdrops, the place that I ordered them from thought that after I had planted all those, I wouldn’t mind planting a few more bulbs […]

Snowdrops and Crocus

Snowdrops and crocus are the classic late winter flowers. Last autumn, I planted many snowdrops but it will be several years before they begin to for clumps around the garden […]

Potting and Pottering

Today was a good day. It began with a trip to the Garden Centre to pick up some compost. I used it while working with the garden pots for most […]

Just a Few Daffodils

I don’t know what it is about our garden, but since the year after we naturalised the lawn with daffodils, the shows have been poor. There are several areas under […]

Amaryllis Flowers

I’ve been conned. It’s the second flower spike on the Amaryllis, it has opened to reveal only three flowers instead of the four that I was expecting (since I got […]

Waiting In Anticipation

As I was talking a walk round garden, being careful not to step on any more daffodils, I took a couple of shots for future posts and this one – […]