Slim Pickings

I hate the fact that Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of February. For an event centred on giving flowers (and chocolates), why on earth couldn’t it be in any […]

Coming up Roses

In the last post, we left a front bay window border all newly rejuvenated, dug, levelled and poked with canes to mark out where the roses were going to go; […]

Winter Bedding

I’ve never been a bedding fan and always turned my sophisticated nose up at gaudy displays of pansies and begonias planted en-mass in usually hideous patterns. However, with the six […]

Tree, Meet Rose

A few posts ago I wrote about the dragons we had bought from a local garden centre. I had planned on leaving them in their pots for this season while […]

Welcome the Wisteria - Version Two

You may know that Wisteria is one of my favourite plants. I cannot praise this particular plant enough; vigorous growth, hardy, disease- and pest-free (for the most part), fresh green […]

Here be Dragons

It was a gorgeous sunny day and what better way to spend it than to pick a local garden centre and head down to see what was on offer. It […]

A Border for Squash

Up until now, border work has involved either restoring borders, such as the side border, or expanding and revamping existing borders, such as that front border. The other day, I […]

The Side Border

“The Side Border” is a short narrow border that runs along the side-access of the house. It faces south, but there’s a great big house right in the way so […]

That Front Border

There is a narrow semi-circular border at the front that forms part of the in-out drive imaginatively called, “That Front Border”. When we arrived, it was planted up with a […]

My First Wheelbarrow

I’ve been gardening for over five years and in all that time I’ve managed without a wheelbarrow. For me, a wheelbarrow was one of those things that other people with […]