Fruits of Labour

Last year we finished creating “Fruit Avenue” a long border running the length of the garden and which is sixteen metres long and two wide, it really is an avenue. […]

Raising Ferns From Spores

Now here’s a post that has been 18 months in the making and that is, “the growing of ferns from spores”. Ferns are such ancient plants that flowers and seeds hadn’t […]

The Crescent

Due to the semi-circular sweep of the Grand Herbaceous Border (currently covered in polythene) and the equivalent semicircle opposite for the piece of grass (after much begging, pleading and final […]

Unmixed Lilies

A while back I cleared out a very small border that had become choked with carex grass and stumps of old buddleia. It was only a few feet long and […]

Magnolia Hill

I’ve been building up to this for some time. Up until now I’ve been dealing with small borders around the house; the side border: a narrow strip between the dividing […]

Pictures and Stories 3

This is probably the finally instalment of “Pictures and Stories” for now. I’m almost caught up with garden progress but there is still the “grand reveal” coming sometime in the […]

Pictures and Stories 2

This post continues on with the theme of pictures and short stories. Here is another set of five; again, in no particular order with no particular pattern we have foliage […]

New Clematis Please

While the great and famous garden designers carefully, meticulously and scrupulously select their plants, choosing only the most specimen varieties, scouring the whole world for that ultimate find that will realise […]