Patio Pots

In the corner of our small patio are the patio pots. They’re gathered together like a big family and nicely frame the view out of the patio doors. I know that we first started with just one pot on the very corner on a little brick pedestal about four years ago. That looked somewhat lonely all on its own and so the year after it was accompanied by three more pots around it.

The year after, more pots appeared when we were given mint plants and saffron bulbs and it also became the summer home for the Strelitzia. This year, we’ve got a somewhat extended family of several pots crowded together like one big reunion.

The proliferation of the patio pots is mainly the result of using them as the default option for when we’re given or buy plants and just can’t decide where to put them. This also happens when I get too many bulbs and run out of room to plants them (e.g. lilies).

Patio Pot Plants

The pot collection does look lovely, but we would struggle to fit the table and chairs on the patio with them all (which is supposed to be the reason for having a patio). Rather embarrassingly, my preference for getting cheap plants can also be seen on the right patio rose.

I’m not sure how much more this collection can expand before it really does become too much. Unfortunately, as long as I have an endless supply of plants but limited border space, then I’ll just carry on saying, “it’s all going to pot!”


  1. There must be other locations for the pots … front walk, the driveway, over the fireplace … just be creative. The pots you have do make for an attractive corner.


    1. Hi Jason, we’ve also got other pots on pathways and even on stepping stones so we’re ahead of you there. Unfortunately, we don’t have a fireplace so are having to use the top of the freezer as a substitute too.


  2. Now, what do they call those display shelves for plants? You see them sometimes with auriculas on them. Gardinierres? Pass. Well, anyway, Sunil, metal shelving back against the fence might just give you the space for a table and 2 chairs – and as you say, that’s what patios are for! And if we have a good Summer, you will need to eat out there!
    PS check out my blog header for a pic of the house and a bit of the garden…. and keep looking for the pics of the yellow and white border which is now “edged” from one end to the other, and is being planted up now. So good to see the whole space and be able to fill it gradually. I will be blogging about it when the clematis is flowering!


    1. Hi Mrs Mac, I’m not sure, but I can’t put shelving against the fence because there’s a load of bamboo and other shrubbery in the way. There’ll be room for table and chairs – just about – but it’ll involve a bit of careful manoeuvring. I’ll take a look at your new blog header and it’s always exciting to catch a new border or border revamp project from the start!


  3. I think it works well as a collection actually, probably due to the fact that they are all reasonably large pots. If you had 100 assorted plug plants of annuals them it might suggest someone with a plant buying problem. It looks good.


    1. Hi Claire, thanks, although the pots may not allude to the fact that I have a plant buying problem, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t have one!


  4. I love all your pots, I did this a few years ago, need to do it again, Just need to go buy some new flowers. I love your blog, found it on linky for WW. You have tons of gardening info I have bookmarked to return!

    Hope you have time to stop by this week and join in the WW fun!
    Oh My Heartsie WW” w/Linky


    1. Hello Karren, thanks for your kind comments, I hope you have lots of fun reading and browsing around.


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