Winter Freeze

We’ve had a cold spell where temperatures have hovered around zero or lower for a few weeks and most places have had snow, some much more than others. We’ve not had a great deal here, but there’s enough to put a thick white blanket over the garden and make a gratuitous photo opportunity.


I like the terracotta pot covered with a thick, even layer of snow. It makes it look like an iced cup cake or meringue.


This scene is more akin to the “February” picture of the Garden Arches.


This Osmanthus Burkwoodii is in a rain-shadow but it still managed to get covered.


The bird bath has long been a solid block of ice, even after pouring whole kettles of boiling water into it. The Buddha looks serene as always and snug in a scarf and hat of snow.

IMG_4451The evergreen shrub in the middle-ground is a Bay. I know that Bay can be quite hit-or-miss for surviving winters, especially if they’re not very large or established. They are supposed to get better as they get bigger. For our’s, I do know that it doesn’t mind being covered with snow but it will get very upset if subject to strong bitter winds. Sub-zero winds will scorch the leaves and they’ll turn brown. Although it will recover, it just won’t look very well for a while.

The forecast is set to change and it is meant to warm up. That will give the garden – and me – much-needed relief from the cold temperatures. With this cold snap, I know that we will have lost several plants and there is still February to get through but the sunshine we  had today has left me feeling optimistic and has given me itchy gardening fingers.


  1. BRRRRR! We had a fall last weekend, but no more and indeed my grass is green and we are all clear. The trouble with snow is that it looks so beautiful but causes such havoc!


    1. Hello Mrs Mac, all white has cleared this weekend and it was actually sunny enough to have a go at some winter clearing up. I’m glad it’s turning milder this week as I can do with the break!


    1. Hi Jason, thanks. This weekend it has suddenly turned much milder and after a night of heavy rain, all the snow has gone – completely, there aren’t even any ice patches! It’s a good job I managed to get out and take some pictures when I did otherwise I would have completely missed the opportunity.


  2. Perfect, Sunil — a snow that looks magical while it lasts, lets your Buddha try out some new winter fashions, and then disappears before it’s spent any time in the slushy, dirty phase. Your garden has a lovely shape even under that heavy blanket. Hope you didn’t lose much to the cold!


    1. Hi Stacy, thank you, it will be a few months yet before I get a better picture of the winter losses. However, there are more than enough replacements in the greenhouses that are rearing to go!


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