Off We Go Again

This Christmas and New Year period has thankfully been a relaxing and even a lethargic one. I’ve not thought much about the garden and have generally just been putting my feet up (in between getting some long-overdue chores done).

However, this rest period doesn’t seem to have lasted long though, as the new year gets going so does the garden.

IMG_4427I feel as though I’ve barely sat down for two minutes before spikes of fresh green suddenly appeared everywhere as the daffodils and snowdrops thrust up through the ground.

Much of the garden is still asleep, there’s still a lot of winter left to get through and it’s only the first week of the new year, but the garden is already showing signs of life and it wont be long before the whole cycle starts all over again and once more I’m racing around doing all those countless little late winter jobs that need doing to prepare for the coming year.


  1. We have snowdrops coming up, which is at least six weeks early, no sign of daffs. Most likely they will be stopped when the ground freezes again and we get more snow.


    1. Hello Jason, the mild start to the winter means we have snowdrops and daffodils coming up early but it’s turned particularly cold this week, which will have come as a bit of a shock.


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