150th Post and 1-Year Birthday

Well this is nice, it’s the 150th post and it will be the 1st birthday of the blog towards the end of the month. I’m still posting fairly often and there’s still so much to talk about and so much that seems to go on in my tiny garden. I feel as though I should write some sort of review, or something meaningful but I am a bit tired with work and preparing for the coming autumn and winter.

Since many people prefer pictures, here’s the first flower head on the monster sunflower that a little bird planted.

While the flower head isn’t in proportion with the size of the plant, there are several more heads that will open soon, like some sort of hydra-beast.

In other news, there’s been lots of work with sowing the autumn batch of seeds (another five seeds trays), the seeds sown in summer are coming along nicely, a picture of the Gaura will be appearing soon (someone requested this a little while back). There has also been a whole series of potting on of seedlings from cell trays into larger pots and I got a surprise delivery of 36 winter flowering pansies, which were a freebie thrown in because I bought so much seed. Generally there’s been a lot of work to do in the garden and I’m needing the street lights more often to keep up.


    1. Hi Jason, thanks, that sunflower has since sprouted multiple flowering heads, most are facing away (facing south) so that’s a bit annoying, but it has reach “stately” proportions.


  1. Congratulations, Sunil, on all those posts and almost one year! Congratulations, too, on having such useful birds with such good taste. That flower is a beautiful color for late summer. Good thing you have so much room in your garden to plant out all those seedlings…


    1. Hi Stacy, thanks, the sunflowers growing in the garden are the second generation of those originally grown from a free pack of seeds attached to one of the editions of BBC Gardeners’ World magazine that was given to me after it was read by someone else. The variety is something like “red velvet” where the petals are supposed to be reddy-bronze as opposed to the bright yellow. I’m still not sure which colour I prefer.


  2. Wow, Sunil! Congratulations on your birthday and 150 postings. You’ve made me feel like a real slacker! I must get busy and post something new on The Dirt Diaries. Love your beautiful bird-planted sunflower (what a clever bird!)


    1. Hi Lynn, thanks and yes, the birds are occasionally useful and can do more than just demand feeding and watering. I’ll be collecting the seed from this one and growing more next year. I didn’t make a concerted effort to plant sunflowers this year, they just seeded and grew from the original ones last year.


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