Summer Rain

We risked going out and visiting a couple of places and just generally trying to enjoy the short windows of sunshine this weekend. We kept an eye on the frequently updated forecast, which for Saturday said “slowing moving and torrentially heavy thunderstorms” and they really weren’t kidding.

In answer to the questions I would have if I saw a picture like that:

  • Yes, we were directly under that big, black mass of cloud
  • Yes, it did burst, bringing torrential rain
  • Yes, we were outside at the time, away from the car but managed to huddle under a tarpaulin and eat some ice cream while waiting
  • Yes, when it stopped, the sun came out and acted as though nothing had happened. The only evidence being standing water right across the roads.
  • Yes, later on it happened all over again

We’re heading into more wet weather this week in what feels like the story of the summer. Nothing new there then. I’m not going to feel guilty at all when I get round to pressure-washing the patio at some point. I’ll probably end up doing it in the rain.


  1. Your picture really captures the kind of drama there can be in clouds. Sorry it interrupted your summer jaunt, though.


  2. Wow — what an amazing cloudscape. Especially since it came with ice cream! It sounds like if you waited for reliably good weather this summer so you could get out and about, you’d never actually get out and about.


    1. Hi Stacy, we’ve long since given up waiting for good weather to go out in otherwise we’d have been barricaded inside the house all year!


  3. Gorgeous capture Sunil. And eating ice cream while watching those black clouds roll through sounds like a great way to pass the time. I’ll have chocolate (but no Cadbury flake, please!)


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