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In my previous post, I talked of someone stopping by the front garden to take pictures even though the front isn’t really photogenic at the moment; it’s just masses of green with developing flower heads. One of the few things in flower right now (and the subject of the photos) was a small stand of lupins:

They’re a striking two-tone pink and although we have several lupins in the garden, this is the only stand of that colour. The odd thing is that I don’t remember ever having lupins of this colour and this particular one was grown from seed.

Perhaps my memory is going?


  1. Thank You!!!! And I only asked today! The lupin mystery. Cross pollenation makes them change colour sometimes…. this one is just glorious. In the garden next door to me are a couple of lovely ones, I think I must get some as the soil is the same, and I might have success too!


    1. Hi, you’re very welcome. I was going to take a fuller picture of the front but it’s plain green at the moment. The spring flowering plants have just about finished and the summer plants are just coming into bloom. Everything is a bit late this year because of the poor weather we’ve been having that doesn’t seem to be showing any sign of letting up! I have a tray’s worth of Lupins in the “factory” (greenhouse), they’re young so it’ll be sometime before I see what colours they turn out to be.


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