I’ve decided…

I always hear “uh oh” every time I suddenly stop and announce, “I’ve decided”.

Well, “I’ve decided” on a couple of things for the garden this coming year:

  1. I will grow a Clematis Montana “Rubens” along the fence at the front when it is repaired
  2. I’m going to train a Rosa Banksiae “Lutea” up the wisteria
  3. I’m going to grow some other climbing rose up and into the crown of the ornamental cherry (I haven’t decided which – I need to investigate)
  4. There will be a second arch for the garden up which will grow a further two roses – I need to decide which ones though.

So, I have decided a few things, but I just need to flesh out the details on a couple of them. I’m going to enjoy looking online, though the RHS Book of Plants and catalogues looking for the roses to grow up the arch and cherry.

I’ve always wanted to have lots of roses.

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