Canariensis Moved Inside

The Phoenix Canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm, or just CIDP) has now been brought inside for the Winter. Its in the lounge in front of the patio doors as we don’t have a heated greenhouse or conservatory to put it in.

Although the weather is still very mild for this time of year and we haven’t had any frosts, it is becoming increasingly unpredictable and though it could be 10°C on one night, it might freeze the next. I also don’t want to take any chances since it is young.

The new pot its in is much larger than the previous one (which broke) and is now a two-person job to lift. Its twin (we have just two) is at the parents’, overwintering in their greenhouse. It was shipped off some time around late Summer and we’ll bring it back again in the Spring when we go and visit to pick it up.

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