OMG! RHS Wisley!

One morning, when it was looking to turn into another fine sunny day, I thought to myself, “I really ought to finish off pulling the ivy roots from the patio […]

A Year in the Garden

As we head towards New Year, another cycle is complete and the garden comes full circle. About this time last year, I had the idea of taking one photo of […]


Well, it’s been a good few weeks since the last time I wrote a post, but I’ve been on a wonderful holiday to the beautiful sub-tropical paradise island of Madeira, […]

Frosty Leaves

Over the weekend we had a rather cold night that led to a very frosty morning. While the sun was shining I took a couple of photos of some of […]

The Winter Garden

My garden is very much a spring garden, that’s when most of the plants are in out flower and there’s the most interest. Other gardens are winter gardens, where they […]

Coconut Palm

If there’s one plant that just screams “tropical” and “exotic”, it’s the coconut palm. Seen on countless holiday programs, the images of coconut palms lining beaches of the finest white […]