The Great Wide Crack

This post is not about my posterior. Instead, it is about one my favourite things: terracotta pots. I love pots in general, I love having them on the patio. I […]

The Cold Side of the Garden

It was only during a few days of particularly cold weather that the garden revealed a significant difference in seasonal micro-climates created by the low winter sun and the thick […]

Colours for Autumn

We’re well and truly into Autumn now. There’s no more chances for a last-minute heat-wave. No hope of a second Indian Summer. British Summer Time has ended and the days are noticeably […]

Patio Pot Plants 2015

With the days getting longer and occasionally warmer, Spring is advancing and I used the long Easter weekend to start bringing plants out of the cosy comfort of the greenhouses and […]

The Annual Climax

With the long winter, lack-lustre spring and late arrival of civil weather, the garden has been slow and drawn-out in reaching its annual climax for this year compared to last. […]

Water Pearls

Courtesy of daddy, we recently came home with a large, sumptuous hosta in a bucket that now sits on the front door step giving the entrance a bit more of […]

Greenhouse Down

We have a temporary walk-in plastic greenhouse that has sat on the patio since last October, protecting the semi-tender plants we have. In such a small garden, the only place for […]

Back to Snow

This time last year, we’d already had a few barbecues and eaten alfresco after work, the tender plants were out on the patio and I was well into the tidy […]

I can hear the announcement over the echoey platform tannoy system, “BING BONG, We regret to announce that the UK service to Spring arriving in March, has been delayed due […]