The Patio Clearance

It’s that time of the year again. The clocks have gone back, there is no light in the evenings anymore and the nights are getting cold. It’s time for the […]


The garden is gradually maturing and developing its own character as the borders age and years pass by. Microclimates, ecosystems and food chains are forming and there’s a feeling of […]

Late Frost

It’s been a rather busy spring and there has been a lot of work done already that I haven’t written about as such but some highlights are: The sweet peas […]

Mad March Mulch

The bags of soil had been sat on the drive for weeks, just sat, not doing much, covered with bright blue tarp to keep the rain off. With late winter […]

Winter Clearance

The Nomadic Patio Pot display on the “upper terrace” is probably the most intensive and time-consuming part of the garden. It is an ever shifting, fluidic display of annuals, perennials, bulbs, tubers […]

Snippets - Part 2

Continuing the theme of random garden pictures for the purposes of assembling a blog post, here are the next set of headline horticultural items. The Zantedeschia have over-wintered fine. They […]

Patio Pot Plants 2015

With the days getting longer and occasionally warmer, Spring is advancing and I used the long Easter weekend to start bringing plants out of the cosy comfort of the greenhouses and […]

Greenhouse Down

We have a temporary walk-in plastic greenhouse that has sat on the patio since last October, protecting the semi-tender plants we have. In such a small garden, the only place for […]

Greenhouse Evaluation

As you may know, we have a plastic walk-in greenhouse that sits on the patio right next to the house, along with two smaller greenhouses that are essentially a plastic-wrapped […]

Frosty Days

It has been particularly cold in these last few weeks. With regularly clear night skies and sunny but cold days, much of the frost hasn’t melted and just keeps on […]