Another Unwelcome Visitor

There are many unwelcome visitors in the garden; greenfly, rose sawfly, aphids, blackfly, pigeons and deer to name but a few. More recently however, another entry was added to this […]

Pictures and Stories 3

This is probably the finally instalment of “Pictures and Stories” for now. I’m almost caught up with garden progress but there is still the “grand reveal” coming sometime in the […]

Oh Deer!

It was all going so well; the roses were leafing up nicely with fresh new shoots emerging, the Clematis had erupted back to life from a dead winter and were […]

Scrubbing Up

I’ve spent the last several weekends down on my hands and knees scrubbing. Scrubbing like a washer woman with an apron, a hand brush, kneeling mats and a bucket of […]

That Creeping Feeling

A bit like squabbling heirs, jostling for the crown in a succession (or regicide), I spent a good deal of effort deposing the ivy from the patio wall to expose the […]

The Root of the Problem

I used to think that my prized Strelitzia, which I had painstakingly grown from seed and nurtured for the last three or four years was the only Strelitzia in the world […]

Patio Ha Ha Ah Ha

The paved “terrace” (Estate Agent’s description) that runs along the back of the house is significantly raised due to the gently sloping nature of the site. This means we have a […]

Checking In on the Natives

The new garden – while large – didn’t some with a great deal in the way of plants, but it wasn’t completely desolate, it just appeared that way when you […]

Look at Those Front Trugs

Several posts ago I wrote about how I quickly and rather cheaply added instant impact to the front garden by planting up six trugs with clematis and some bedding. As […]

The Side Border

“The Side Border” is a short narrow border that runs along the side-access of the house. It faces south, but there’s a great big house right in the way so […]