Blood and Roses

Eyes squint from facing into direct sun, arms tremble from being held above head-height, hands shake, fingers twitch. Just one more knot needed to tame the rose and fix it against […]

Winter Clearance

The Nomadic Patio Pot display on the “upper terrace” is probably the most intensive and time-consuming part of the garden. It is an ever shifting, fluidic display of annuals, perennials, bulbs, tubers […]

Snippets - Part 1

Here are a couple of pictures about the garden that I took with no particular theme, relation or intent other than the fact that they may be useful for a […]

A Fan of Roses

It may only be late August, but the weather has gone right ahead to late November anyway. Driving rain, cold, dull days and overwhelming wet means that we’re really delayed […]

New Year, New Border

It’s a new year so it must be time for a new border – not that I restrict myself to just one annually. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a “before” […]

That Creeping Feeling

A bit like squabbling heirs, jostling for the crown in a succession (or regicide), I spent a good deal of effort deposing the ivy from the patio wall to expose the […]

Another Week, Another Epiphany

I’ve just had a brilliant thought on how to manage the garden and how to gradually work through from beginning to “end” without getting too overwhelmed by everything that needs […]

Winter Bedding

I’ve never been a bedding fan and always turned my sophisticated nose up at gaudy displays of pansies and begonias planted en-mass in usually hideous patterns. However, with the six […]

The Root of the Problem

I used to think that my prized Strelitzia, which I had painstakingly grown from seed and nurtured for the last three or four years was the only Strelitzia in the world […]