Sarcococca Confusa

In the front garden there’s a very small and rather underwhelming evergreen shrub. It’s less than a foot high, has dark glossy leaves with pointed tips and for much of […]


When we visited my maternal grandmother in India during a trip last year, I noticed a very large woody shrub with elongated, strikingly veined leaves and dotted about were some […]

Amaryllis Round 2

After all the excitement of seeing the Amaryllis beginning to re-bloom this year and dutifully taking pictures and making notes, I didn’t get round to the most important picture of […]

White Orchid

House plants are one of the things that keep me going through the winter months when there’s very little I want to do outside and I bet that the most […]

Amaryllis Flowering

I’m amazed at how quickly the Amaryllis has shot up its first flower spike and how suddenly it burst open to reveal four swelling flower buds, one of which is […]

Amaryllis Spire

It’s been around three weeks since the first post and pictures about the Amaryllis “Apple Blossom” that we have. The flower spike has been growing higher and higher as the […]

Carry On Osteo

Though most plants seem to be turning brown and looking sickly, the garden isn’t ready to keel over and die just yet. This Autumn has been very mild and damp, […]

Cheery Arrangements

I don’t have a garden large enough and don’t yet grow enough to be able to regularly have large vases of cut flowers fresh from outside, the parents do and […]

Go, Go, Amaryllis

Last year — around this time — I bought an Amaryllis “Apple Blossom” (I know that they should really be called Hippeastrum). I wanted one after seeing one in flower at the […]

Fatsia Flowers

The small Fatsia Japonica plant that we have is now flowering. It is about a year or so old and so this is only its second go at flowering. The […]