Something in the Air

It was a year or two ago, in one of the many gardening catalogues that get posted through the door, that I spied a small an unassuming little plant – […]

Parental Haul

It’s always good going to see the parents, granted that I do end up falling asleep most visits because I’m usually so tired from gardening and work. The latest visit […]

Cue Kew Palm House

The other day was the first time I have been to Kew Gardens in London. Like RHS Wisley, Kew has held an almost mythical status in my mind as being […]

Time to Water the Orchids

Over the years I’ve accumulated many indoor orchids, all of the phalaenopsis (moth)┬átype. The first couple were bought, several others were gifted and several more were donated from people who […]

Repotting the Canariensis

We bought two Tesco Canariensis a good few years ago for a ridiculously good price. I’ve wanted one for some time. I like their strong architectural form and their exotic […]

Strelitzia Progress

As you may know, Strelitzia Reginae (Bird of Paradise) is one of my favourite plants. A good few years ago, I sowed a whole bunch of seeds, out of which […]

Gifted Chillies

For Christmas we were given a “Grow your own chillies” gift set that contains five types of chillies: Anaheim: green, 15cm long, mild to medium-hot Hungarian Hot Wax: pale yellow, […]

Plumbago Auriculata

Or more preceisely, Plumbago auriculata var. alba. I saw this gorgeous little plant growing in a raised bed against a wall in the full, searing Indian sun. It was doing […]

Moses in the Cradle

Continuing with the exotic theme to keep us distracted from the dull weather, we’re still at my gran’s house in India, but now in the front garden. While I was […]