All Quiet in the Garden

It’s all quiet in the garden. I haven’t done anything notable in it for weeks. The only major bit of work was the pre-winter pruning of the beech hedges; front […]

The Pre-Winter Interlude

The weather has remained somewhat civil over the last few weeks yet I haven’t actually been doing much outside. We have had a moderately large bulb-planting session for the new […]

Filling Paths and Planting Plants

Another week of mostly dry weather (there were some exceptions) has meant another week of somewhat intensive gardening – racing to get everything done before the season draws to a […]

Coming to the End of the Line

There’s been yet another week or two of dry, sometimes fine, sometimes hot, weather. It’s allowed me to spend almost every day digging away at the final border in the […]

The Advance of Progress

It’s been a few weeks and surprise, surprise, it’s yet another post on the final border in the garden; it’s just so large that one blog post cannot possibly convey […]

Continuing Work on the Final Border

It’s been another week-and-a-bit and the only thing there is to report is that work continues on the final border in the garden. The weather has become a little more […]

Back to the Border

The temperature dial has really turned up this last week. The seemingly ever-ending dull skies, rain showers and general mediocre weather has been replaced with days of strong, hot sunshine […]

Finding a New Level

One of the major blockers to being able to open the garden for the National Garden Scheme has just been cleared. We have finally re-levelled the patio. Note that re-levelling […]