Plumbago Auriculata

Or more preceisely, Plumbago auriculata var. alba. I saw this gorgeous little plant growing in a raised bed against a wall in the full, searing Indian sun. It was doing […]

Moses in the Cradle

Continuing with the exotic theme to keep us distracted from the dull weather, we’re still at my gran’s house in India, but now in the front garden. While I was […]


When we visited my maternal grandmother in India during a trip last year, I noticed a very large woody shrub with elongated, strikingly veined leaves and dotted about were some […]


Another plant ID required, this time, an out-of-focus picture of an Amaranthus: I don’t know what type it is though. From comparing on-line pictures, it doesn’t appear to be the […]

Exotic Amaryllis

I came across this plant while on holiday, there was a row of them planted along the path. I wanted to see what it was so I took a look […]

Agricultural India

Recently I went on holiday to India to see some fraction of the extended family. Indian families are so large that it is not possible to meet everyone you’re related […]