Back to the Border

The temperature dial has really turned up this last week. The seemingly ever-ending dull skies, rain showers and general mediocre weather has been replaced with days of strong, hot sunshine […]

Finding a New Level

One of the major blockers to being able to open the garden for the National Garden Scheme has just been cleared. We have finally re-levelled the patio. Note that re-levelling […]

That Laid-Back Feeling

Like posts on this blog recently, I’ve been a little absent in the garden. There’s been some nice weather in which we did finally manage to make a start on […]

Sitting Out the Rain

It’s been a few weeks and the wind keeps blowing, the rain keeps falling and I keep swearing for it to clear up, warm up and dry out so I […]

Filling the Gaps

The calendar says mid-May but the weather didn’t get the memo. It’s dull, wet and cold, and it looks like it’s staying that way for at least a week. It […]

Spring Oddments

I’ve been working on things generally related to plants in pots over the last week, now that the heavy work of top-dressing is finished. I’ve decided to have a little […]

Re-starting Spring

Over these last several weeks I’ve been doing mainly just one job: top dressing the borders. This is simply adding several inches of 50-50 compost and well rotted manure to […]

Running to Stand Still

They’re not kidding when they say “Spring is one of the busiest times of year in the garden”. Goodness me, I haven’t felt so rushed, harried and hassled as I […]

Scurrying After Spring

It’s been long time since I last wrote and the garden has spent most of that time being rained on. I spent most of that time waiting for the rain […]

Stop-Start Season

In the gap between completing the pergola assembly and starting on levelling the patio, I’ve been trying to get on with the winter clean-up. I know that ideally, the winter […]