April Amaryllis

We have an amaryllis “Apple Blossom” that last flowered in September on a short, stubby pole and it was unexpected and disappointing that it was all over rather quickly. Since […]

Back to Snow

This time last year, we’d already had a few barbecues and eaten alfresco after work, the tender plants were out on the patio and I was well into the tidy […]

I can hear the announcement over the echoey platform tannoy system, “BING BONG, We regret to announce that the UK service to Spring arriving in March, has been delayed due […]

Greenhouse Evaluation

As you may know, we have a plastic walk-in greenhouse that sits on the patio right next to the house, along with two smaller greenhouses that are essentially a plastic-wrapped […]

Gardening Companion

We’re coming to the time of year when I am beginning to hear the birds in the mornings and evenings. I’m going to enjoy it while the morning chorus is […]

My garden is predominantly herbaceous, and being in a temperate climate, that means it spends a fair part of the year looking barren and bare. There are several evergreen plants […]

Winter Freeze

We’ve had a cold spell where temperatures have hovered around zero or lower for a few weeks and most places have had snow, some much more than others. We’ve not […]

Arrested Development

It’s slow gardening month and I’m somewhat grateful. The weather has turned particularly cold this week throughout the UK and we’ve had snow that’s actually settled. Some places have had […]

Off We Go Again

This Christmas and New Year period has thankfully been a relaxing and even a lethargic one. I’ve not thought much about the garden and have generally just been putting my […]