April 2013

Greenhouse Down

We have a temporary walk-in plastic greenhouse that has sat on the patio since last October, protecting the semi-tender plants we have.┬áIn such a small garden, the only place for […]

Late GBBD For April 2013

As usual, I am late; this time for the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. It’s supposed to be on the 15th of each month but I got carried away with gardening […]

Daffodils for 2013

Spring might have arrived very late but the daffodils are all here now and they look lovely in the garden. Since the rear garden faces south, all we see from […]

Gifted Chillies

For Christmas we were given a “Grow your own chillies” gift set that contains five types of chillies: Anaheim: green, 15cm long, mild to medium-hot Hungarian Hot Wax: pale yellow, […]

April Amaryllis

We have an amaryllis “Apple Blossom” that last flowered in September on a short, stubby pole and it was unexpected and disappointing that it was all over rather quickly. Since […]