April 2012

Cherry Blossom

Though the rain hasn’t moved, the gardening year has. Several of the early spring flowering shrubs and plants such as the Skimmia and Spirea have finished. The ornamental red-currant is […]

Unfolding Ferns

As the (still daily) showers continue and the garden further saturates with water, a set of plants enjoying all the moisture are the ferns. We have a few different types […]

Daffodils Now Over

The daffodils for this year are pretty much over. We don’t have huge numbers of them and they’re mixed so they come out at different time and the last ones […]

Rain Stopped Play

I’m quite sure that every day since the regional hose-pipe ban came into effect at the beginning of April, it has rained. Not just the odd bit of drizzle here […]

Simply Red

Now I’m a bit hopeless at taking good photos. I take pictures that usually end up blurred, have bad composition or have my thumb in the corner etc. I blame […]

For some time now I’ve been working my way through a really big pile of well-rotted manure that appeared at the end of the drive one evening in early March. […]

Three Cornered Garlic

In the front garden along the fence grows a dense mass of something called “three cornered garlic”. I only recently found out that this is what it is called after […]

Sweet Smell of April

Several of my favourite plants are now in flower (they become my favourites¬†when plants flower,¬†then drop off the list after) just as the weather has taken a turn for the […]

Hearts Strung Out on a Line

The Dicentra Spectabilis or “Bleeding Hearts” that I divided into three about a month ago now have all come up and are beginning to flower. Mother and clone and other […]

Easter Break

Well we’re in the Easter holidays now and I am taking a well-earned break from the garden and the only way to safely be sure of that is to go […]