January 2012

Winter Clearing

Over the weekend, while the weather was almost agreeable, I took the opportunity to start the winter clearing. I am generally a very tidy person and I can’t tolerate the […]

Waiting In Anticipation

As I was talking a walk round garden, being careful not to step on any more daffodils, I took a couple of shots for future posts and this one – […]

Amaryllis - Second Spike

Having completely failed to get pictures of the Amaryllis flowers from the first spike, I’ll try and do better with the second. Right now, the top of the spike has […]

I really, really hate it when the weekend weather is wet, cold and miserable and I can’t go outside and do something useful in the garden. Then, to rub salt […]

Camouflage Fail

While I was talking my weekly weekend walk around the garden (despairing at the mess), I spotted this little critter on a Cineraria. I actually spotted it a mile off […]

It’s been very quiet on the gardening front. There’s nothing to do. It’s been very cold recently and the ground was frozen solid, the last place I wanted to be […]

Plumbago Auriculata

Or more preceisely, Plumbago auriculata var. alba. I saw this gorgeous little plant growing in a raised bed against a wall in the full, searing Indian sun. It was doing […]

Frosty Leaves

Over the weekend we had a rather cold night that led to a very frosty morning. While the sun was shining I took a couple of photos of some of […]

Sarcococca Confusa

In the front garden there’s a very small and rather underwhelming evergreen shrub. It’s less than a foot high, has dark glossy leaves with pointed tips and for much of […]

Moses in the Cradle

Continuing with the exotic theme to keep us distracted from the dull weather, we’re still at my gran’s house in India, but now in the front garden. While I was […]