December 2011

So today is the last day of 2011 and I think I spent it rather well. There was a trip around the local garden centre in the afternoon. I looked […]

Post Christmas, Pre Spring

The main event is over but that doesn’t mean the excessive consumption is. It will take my brain a little bit longer before it figures out that it ought to […]

Amaryllis Round 2

After all the excitement of seeing the Amaryllis beginning to re-bloom this year and dutifully taking pictures and making notes, I didn’t get round to the most important picture of […]

Woody Lavender

I have a couple of lavender bushes in the garden and I confess that I haven’t been looking after them very well in terms of keeping them pruned and tidy. […]

Brief Snow Flurry

A few days ago we received the first snow fall of the winter season (this one that has just started). It was a brief flurry that came down very quickly, […]

Supermarket Lemons

Earlier this year, on a whim I decided to fish a couple of lemon seeds out of the sink and plant them up in a pot to germinate and grow. […]

Water for Feathered Friends

The birds that visit our garden seem to be as appreciative of the bird bath as they are of the feeders. I think it’s important to have a supply of […]

Winter Woodland Walk

At the corner of the garden where there is the ornamental cherry, there is what I call, “the woodland walk”. The “woodland” consists of the cherry, a tiny holly, an […]

Winter Sunflowers

I really like sunflowers, they’re so bright and cheery and I grew several from seed this year. They were “Velvet Queen”, which has a strong red flush to the petals […]

Winter Bay

Most of the plants in the garden are deciduous or herbaceous but there are several evergreens mixed in among them. One of them is bay, and we have two “bushes”, […]