Winter Pause

I haven’t been writing much on the blog in the last few weeks as I’ve been concentrating on completing a book that will be coming up to three years since […]

Cycle of Nature

Earlier this week, an irreplaceable part of the borders died. It wasn’t a specimen tree, sentimental shrub or prized plant that died, it was Bob, the ginger cat. Bob doing […]

A View from the Top

It’s August, which for me signals the move from “mid-summer” to “high-summer”. I’m not quite sure what the official difference is as it’s still summer, but “high” summer has the […]

The Jigsaw Puzzle

This is probably the second post ever in the history of this blog that is distinctly NOT about gardening. Instead, it’s about what I spent the last couple of months […]

December Break

Goodness what a long time it’s been since the last post! I must admit to having become very lazy when it came to writing on the blog for the last […]

Two Chairs

Two chairs, together, just slightly angled towards each other, under a blossom tree or looking out through tiers of green or in the garden, nestled among tightly enclosed borders. To […]

Winter Wistfulness

I’ve been somewhat out of the habit of writing during this winter season; with not much going on in the garden there hasn’t been a great deal to report. Seed and […]

My Mind's in the Gutter

After a great burst of activity in the garden in the first half of the year, I’ve taken a bit of a self-imposed break from it since mid-summer. My mind went […]

A Good Sit Down

There’s been quite a gap since the last time I wrote and for good reason too. See, while the title says “a good sit down” and indicates that I’ve had […]

Gardening Companion

We’re coming to the time of year when I am beginning to hear the birds in the mornings and evenings. I’m going to enjoy it while the morning chorus is […]