Thesis Template

LaTeX allows you to create beautifully typeset and consistent looking documents with only a little learning at the beginning. Using a template means using LaTeX is even easier as the formatting and layout is already set for you, so you just need to supply the content.

There is a LaTeX thesis template that you can use to write your own academic thesis with. The template provides a framework for organising and writing your work and a lot of subtle formatting at the finest level of detail that will produce the most beautiful looking thesis. The LaTeX Thesis Template was made when I wrote my own thesis, it is a heavily modified version of the ECS thesis template by Steve Gunn (original available here) from the University of Southampton. Since then, it has been placed online and improved by others.

Get the LaTeX Thesis Template

You can obtain the most up-to-date version of the LaTeX Thesis Template from LaTeXTemplates.

Zip file download

  • Download the latest version of the LaTeX Thesis Template from LaTeXTemplates to write your own thesis with.
  • Read the comprehensive Help Guide to the LaTeX template (included in the zip file). The Help Guide uses the LaTeX Thesis Template itself so you can see what it actually looks like!
  • Visit the forum dedicated to this LaTeX Thesis Template for help and advice.



You can look at a short list of potential issues with the template that you may receive the first time you try and use it.

Questions about the LaTeX Thesis Template, they may be answered in the Template FAQ.

If you have enjoyed using the LaTeX Thesis Template and it has helped you in your writing, leave a comment on the Template Feedback page.